PEE WEES Battle in Provincial Final!!

The Pee Wee Tigers battled the Redvers Rockets in the Final series of Provincial playoffs. Both teams played tough as the excitement grew in our little town, but it was not to be. The kids played their hearts out and held their heads high!
What a run! 
We are so proud of these kids. Well Done!

The Novice defeated Dodsland for the League Championship.  Way to go, Tigers!!   They went to Calgary for a Flames game on Saturday, March 17, to celebrate a great year. they won 2 major Novice tournaments in Kindersley and Battleford. They went to the final game in a tier one tournament in Saskatoon losing only to an Edmonton tier one team. Awesome year! 

The Atoms unfortunately fell to Unity White in the final round of league playoffs.  They put up a great fight, but were unable to overcome the strong Unity bench in the 2nd game. In spite of fielding only 9 full time skaters, with some occasional help from a few Novice kids they went right to the the League finals. A much better than expected year.

The Bantams lost to Leader in their second game of the series. They won the game in Luseland but lost the series by 1 goal. The kids fought hard to take the game into the second OT period. The bantams had a great year in a tough evenly matched league, providing the fans with some great excitement. Well done! 

 Thank you to all the coaches, managers, team executives and volunteers, who worked hard all season to provide our kids with the opportunity to play this great game.
The 2006 – 2007 was a hugely successful season.

See you at the Rink!  

   If you have a game time, score to post or news please send an email to moc.t1656757529enrol1656757529px@le1656757529fearh1656757529cs1656757529

To Schedule Ice times in Kerrobert please contact Joe @ 834-2787

The Unsung Heros of the Game

Thank you to the players who contribute to the success of their team by means other than goals and assists. Your contribution is recognized. The players who stop or reduce the goals against defensemen, defensive or grinding and back-checking forwards, and goalies; the players who effectively tie up high-powered, goal-scoring opponents; and the players who keep the energy and morale going in the dressing rooms and on the bench – these all contribute in immeasurable ways.   It takes all the players, and the roles they play, to make a successful team. We win as a team and we lose as a team. Team stats far outweigh individual stats. We do not keep complete stats on players and therefore these stats do not reflect all individual success. Thank you to the majority of the players who are a big part of the reason we are successful but may not be at the top of the stats!  Thanks to all!


Have you ever caught yourself yelling at the ref?

Are you yelling at young referees? Are you taking the fun out of hockey for the kids? Minor Hockey is to provide recreation and fun for the kids. It is not to provide entertainment for parents and it is not about winning at all cost. The vast majority understands this, but a select few can do a lot of damage.

Whether you are at home or out of town, please do not give the referees or the players a hard time. For a whole bunch of reasons, it is very bad. Minor Hockey across the country is developing a poor reputation because of the reaction of fans and some coaches. These kids are trying to learn the game too. We have lost many refs over the years because of the grief caused by fans, coaches and players. They find it is not worth it.

Anyone who has tried to line up refs for our kids hockey games knows how hard it is to get referees. If it were not for these kids, we would not be able to have games. Please consider this the next time you have the urge to yell at the ref!

Please don’t!


The purpose of Minor Hockey is not about winning at all cost: Most Minor Hockey associations have adopted a philosophy of Fair Play for all.

The five basic principles of Fair Play:



Fair Play is introduced to promote SAFETY and RESPECT, and a positive environment in minor hockey for participants involved. The four main participant groups are; the players, the coaches, the officials, and the parents (spectators). How these four groups interact at any game determines how positive, or how negative the event becomes.

There are an increasing number of concerns becoming more evident in minor hockey today. These concerns go against the principles of Fair Play, what minor hockey represents, and the objectives of recreational minor hockey organizations.

Some concerns in minor hockey are; the lack of respect for opponents, verbal abuse of officials, inappropriate spectator behavior in the stands, violence on the ice, the win-at-all-costs attitude, the increased pressure on young players to win, and the lack of FUN for many.

To learn more about the introduction of Fair Play in an association, visit the following links:





Game Scores

Next Home game

Fall 2007

Latest News

Two Kerrobert Hockey Teams are Hwy. 14 League Champions

The Kerrobert Novice Tigers are the new Highway 14 league champions after defeating Dodsland in the final round at home. The Novice team had a huge year going undefeated in the league, winning two major tournaments and going to the final game in the Saskatoon Tier one Novice tournament. Their passing skills and high energy play made it exciting to watch. Thank you to the Novice team, the coaches, Dean Simpson & Trevor Kissick, the managers Alison & Curt Knorr, all the volunteers who helped throughout the year and all the fans who came to watch. It was a great year.

The Pee Wee Tigers also went undefeated in league play, easily handling their opponents. Their potent offence, outstanding defense and goaltending frustrated many opponents this season. They went right to the Provincial C finals and had a tight series with the Redvers Rockets, only to come up short. It was a valiant effort and a great experience for all involved. They handily won the Highway 14 League Championship. The kids will remember this season for the rest of their lives. Thanks to manager Howard Mitchell, coaches Brad Murphy, Gary Anderson and Todd Murphy who had them playing at a high level every game. What a ride!

The two Initiation teams made remarkable progress throughout the year, under the tutelage of head coach Brad Neumeier and his assistants Curt Kissick, Kevin Borschneck, Gerald Duhaime, Scott Osterhold, Daryl Frustuk and Jesse MacKinnon. Managers Cindy Kissick and Jim Cholin kept them organized. It was amazing to watch them go from falling every few steps to being skilled skaters and students of the game. Look out next year!

The Atoms faced Unity for the League Championship. Their high-scoring offence wasn’t quite enough and they lost in the final series. Thank you to the coaches Dave Morrell and Gord Thomson and manager Gerald Duhaime for great work with a short bench this season and for teaching them to overcome diversity. Thank you to the fans for their unwavering support. See you next season.

Hockey can be a heartbreaking game, and so it was for the KDL Bantams in the semi- final with Leader. They took it right to the second overtime period with a hard effort and enough opportunities to put the series away, but Leader came back to win the series by one goal. In a very entertaining season, the KDL Bantams went to battle every game. The kids are to be commended for the effort displayed, and for never giving up. They had a successful year playing .500 hockey, but most of all, the games were fun to watch and always close in a very tight, closely matched league. Coaches Angus Phillips and Don Cholin and manager Warren Morris dedicated countless hours, had high expectations, and helped them learn that in hockey, as in life, things don’t always go as planned. Thanks for the memories.

Kerrobert Minor Hockey extends heartfelt gratitude to all the coaches, managers, referees, rink manager Joe Pittari, booth coordinator Del Marie Kissick and her entourage, and the countless volunteers who work hard every day making hockey a great pastime for the participants and spectators of the game. Their efforts didn’t go unnoticed; they contributed to an exciting, entertaining and very successful year. Thank you to all the fans who gathered at the rink and supported this great game in our town. Here’s to you! See you next year!



Kerrobert Initiation Tigers 2006-2007

Game Schedule

Date Team vs Team Time Results
November – March 2007
Sat, Nov. 25  Dodsland 2   @ Home (Team 2) 8:45  
Luseland Home (Team 1) 9:45 
Sat, Dec. 2  Timbits Jamboree      9:00  
Sun, Dec. 3  Kindersley 1   @ Home (Team 2) 2:00  
Fri, Dec. 15   Team 2 @ Kindersley 2  4:15  
Sun, Dec. 16 Dodsland 1  @ Home (Team 1)  9:00  
Sat, Jan. 6 Kerrobert Unity 9:30 AM  
Thu, Jan. 11  Kindersley 2   @ Home (Team 2) 5:45  
Sat, Jan. 20   Team 2 @ Dodsland 2  12:00 PM  
Wed, Jan. 24  Team 1 @ Dodsland 1 5:30  
Wed, Feb. 1  Unity @ Home (Team 2) 5:45  
Sun, Feb. 4  Team 2  @ Macklin 11:30  
Sat, Feb. 10  Unity Home (Team 2) 10:00  
Sat, Feb. 17  Team 1  Macklin 9:00  
Sat, Feb. 17  Team 2  @ Macklin 2  10:30  
Fri, Feb. 23   Team 2 @ Kindersley 5:15  
Sun, Feb. 25   Team 2 @ Luseland 2:00  
Sat, Mar. 3  Unity Tourn    Team 2    
Sat, Mar. 3  Luseland Tourn     Team 1    
Sat, Mar. 10  Play Parents    Team 1  8:45 AM  
Sat, Mar. 15  Play Parenets    Team 2  5:45  


# Last Name First Name GP G A PiM Pts
1 Borshneck Rylan            
2 Burgardt Camryn          
3 Cholin Avery          
4 Clappison Tylar          
5 Duhaime Adam          
6 Duhaime Robert          
7 Fruhstuk Casey          
8 Hebron Erin           
9 Kissick Celena          
10 Kissick Jaira           
11 Kissick Tari          
12 Kruesel Josh          
13 MacKinnon Clay          
14 MacKinnon Karli          
15 Mitchell Mason          
17 Neumeier Alex          
18 Neumeier Brett          
19 Neumeier Kaelyn          
20 Neumeier Mathew           
21 Neumeier Michael          
22 Osterhold Ethan          
23 Riley Denton          
24 Sauverwald Joshua          
25 Schreiber Dawson          
26 Stefaniuk Zachary          
27 Tischler Colin          
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Latest News

This year has started off with quite a bit of confusion with all the kids on one team. After a couple of weeks seeing how necessary it was, the 27 kids were split into two teams as there are three skill levels at the initiation level. Brad Neumeier is head coach for both teams. Assistant coach for team 2 is Curt Kissick. Team 1 is Kevin Borschneck and Gerald Duhaime.

Cindy Kissick manages Team 2 and Jim Cholin manages team 1. Team one practises at 8:45 on Saturdays till 9:45 and on Sundays at 12 noon for an hour. Team 2 practises at 9:45 to 11 on saturdays and on Thursdays at 5:45.

For Team 2 the Minor Hockey Day Rep and Tournament Organizer is Faye Kruesel. The Task Coordinator is Tanya MacKinnon, Public Relations Coordinator is Howard Mitchell and Equipment Manager is Scott Osterhold.

For Team 1 Minor Hockey Day rep is Lori Clappison, Task Coordinator is Shirleen Frustuk, Public Relations Coordinator is Jolene Borschneck and Equipment Manager is Scott Osterhold.

On December 2, a Timbits Jamboree is organized for Kerrobert with Dodsland joining in the fun activities for the kids. It is a way to promote the game of hockey and the Minor Hockey Assocication. This is also an excellent opportunity for coaches to be able to see, learn and work with certified SHA course conductors.

Team one has 4 games total throughout the year and end off with tournament in Luseland on Mar 3. Team 2 has 12 games with a tournament ending in Unity on March 3. Both teams play parents for their final day of hockey in mid March. Come and watch the fun!


Kerrobert Novice Tigers 2006-2007

Game Schedule

Date Team vs Team Time Results
November – February 2007
Sat, Nov. 4 Kindersley  @ Macklin 9:00 am  
Mon, Nov. 13 Macklin 3  @ Kerrobert 6:00 pm  
Sat, Nov. 18 Macklin 2  @ Kerrobert 3:15 pm  
Sat, Nov. 25 Wilkie @ Kerrobert 10:45 am
Minor Hockey Day
Sat, Dec. 2 Biggar @ Kerrobert 5:00 pm  
Sat, Dec. 9 Kerrobert Tourn.   Schedule to follow    
Sat, Dec. 16 Kerrobert @ Biggar 11:15 am   
Mon, Dec. 18 Macklin 1 @ Kerrobert 6:00 pm  
Fri, Jan. 5 Kerrobert @ Dodsland 5:30 pm  
Sat, Jan. 6 Kerrobert Unity 11:00 am  
Mon, Jan. 8 Luseland  @ Kerrobert 6:00 pm  
Sat, Jan. 13 Kerrobert @ Macklin 2 9:00 am  
Sat/Sun Jan. 20-21 Kindersley Tourn.   Confirmed    
Mon, Jan. 22 Unity @ Kerrobert 6:00 pm   
Sat/Sun Jan. 27-28 Battleford Tourn.   Not Confirmed    
Sat, Feb. 3 Kerrobert Wilkie 10:30 am  
Sun, Feb. 4 Kerrobert Macklin 9:00 am   
Thurs, Feb. 8 kerrobert  @ Luseland 4:30 pm  




  League   Tournaments  
Name GP G A P   GP G A P Total
Ryder Kissick 12 61 38 99 11 29 10 39 138
Tylo Anderson 13 67 30 97 11 25 11 36 133
Tyler Neumeier 13 41 17 58 11 15 6 21 79
Braeden Simpson 13 29 17 46 11 13 10 23 69
Cole Kissick 12 18 9 27 11 14 5 19 46
Derek Schraefel 13 15 15 30 11 1 3 4 34
Keili Murphy 13 15 14 29 11 3 2 5 34
Mathew Roblin 13 7 18 25 11 4 5 9 34
Corson Hebron 13 9 16 25 11 5 1 6 31
Mathew Duhaime 13 6 12 18 11 1 4 5 23
Ben Cholin 13 4 15 19 11 1 1 2 21
Wyatt Knorr 13 11 7 18 11 1 1 2 20
Dallyn Tuchsherer 12 5 8 13 11 2 4 6 19
Ali Tuchscherer 12 2 8 10 11 0 0 0 10
Rachel Mitchell 13 4 2 6 7 1 1 2 8
[/ezcol_3quarter] [ezcol_1quarter_end]

Latest News

The Kerrobert Novice are coached by Dean Simpson and Trevor Kissick and managed by Curt and Alison Knorr


Kerrobert Atom Tigers 2006-2007

Game Schedule

Date Team vs Team Time Results
November – February 2007
Sat, Nov 4 Kerrobert @ Macklin White 11:15 A.M.  
Sun, Nov 12 Luseland/Dodsland @ Kerrobert 3:15 P.M.  
Sat, Nov 18 Kerrobert @ Biggar Boys 2:30 P.M.  
Sat, Nov 25 Macklin White @ Kerrobert 12:30 P.M.  
Sun, Nov 26 Kerrobert @ Unity White 10:45 P.M.  
Sat, Dec 2 Kerrobert @ Unity Red 1:15 P.M.  
Wed, Dec 6 Unity Red @ Kerrobert 6:00 P.M.  
Sat, Dec 9 Kerrobert @ Macklin Blue 11:15 A.M.  
Wed, Dec 13 Biggar Girls @ Kerrobert 6:00 P.M.  
Sat, Dec 16 Kerrobert @ Luseland 12:30 P.M.  
Fri, Dec 22 Macklin Blue @ Kerrobert 5:00 P.M.  
Sun, Jan 14 Kerrobert @ Biggar Girls 12:15 P.M.  
Sat, Jan 20 Kerrobert @ Wilkie 12:45 A.M.  
Sun, Jan 21 Wilkie @ Kerrobert 3:15 P.M.  
Sun, Jan 28 Biggar Boys @ Kerrobert 3:15 P.M.  
Sun, Feb 4 Unity White @ Kerrobert 3:15 P.M.  


2 Flahr Quenton
4 Mitchell Jacob
5 Kissick Reid
6 Thomson Hunter
7 Schreiber Tanner
9 Duhaime Thomas
11 Sperling Darin
14 Semilet James
17 Morrell Dawson
31 Stefaniuk Matthew
[/ezcol_3quarter] [ezcol_1quarter_end]

Latest News

Dave Morrell
Gord Thomson

Gerald Duhaime

On December 3 the Atoms played a hard working Unity team in Unity.
Kerrobert lost the game, 2-8.
Goal scorers for Kerrobert were #16 Ryder Kissick and #9 Thomas Duhaime.
Dawson Morrell chipped in with an assist.
In goal for Kerrobert was #31 Quenton Flahr.

December 6 was the re-match between Kerrobert and Unity. The host team Kerrobert won with a score of 7 -6 in a hard fought game.
The score went back and forth, with players working hard on both teams.
Goal scorers were #9 Thomas Duhaime, #6 Hunter Thomson, with 2, # 11 Darin Sperling, #14 James Semilet, and # 16 Ryder Kissick, with 2.
Assists went to # 5 Reid Kissick, # 6 Hunter Thomson, with 2, # 11 Darin Sperling, # 14 James Semilet, # 16 Ryder Kissick, with 2.
In goal was #`31 Matthew Stefaniuk.

This was an exciting game for fans and players alike. Great sportsmanship was demonstrated by all.

December 9 saw the Atoms in Macklin playing the Blue team. The well prepared Atoms worked hard defeating Macklin Blue 4-2.
It set out as a tough game with a short bench. The team had eight (8) skaters and a goalie. Macklin had four (4) players than Kerrobert, making their bench somewhat deeper.
Goal scorers were # 4 Jacob Mitchell, # 6 Hunter Thomson, # 9 Thomas Duhaime, and # 11 Darin Sperling.
Assists went to # 4 Jacob Mitchell, with 2, # 9 Thomas Duhaime, # 14 James Semilet, and # 21 Matthew Stefaniuk.
In goal was # 31 Quenton Flahr.

They were most certainly a tired group by the end of the game.


Kerrobert Pee Wee Tigers 2006-2007

Game Schedule

Date Home Visitor Time Result
Nov.10th Kerrobert Elrose 5:30pm 12 to 1
Nov.12th Rosetown Kerrobert 5:00pm 1 to 13
Nov.18th Kerrobert Battleford 5:30pm 13 to 2
Nov.22nd Kerrobert Luseland 6:00pm 9 to 1
Nov.26th Kindersley1 Kerrobert 7:45pm 1 to 10
Dec.1st Kerrobert Eston 5:30pm 19 to 1
Dec.3rd Kerrobert Eatonia 5:30pm 10 to 1
Dec.9th Unity Kerrobert 3:00pm 1 to 8
Dec.16th Biggar Kerrobert 4:45pm 2 to 11
Jan12th Kindersley2 Kerrobert 5:15pm 1 to 15
Jan.13th Leader Kerrobert 2:00pm 0 to 8
Jan.19th Kerrobert Unity 5:00pm 11 to 3
Jan.21st Kerrobert Biggar TBA 11 to 0
Jan.26th Kerrobert Wilkie 5:00pm 9 to 1
Jan.31st Luseland Kerrobert 5:00pm 2 to 6
Feb.4th Wilkie Kerrobert 6:15pm 1 to 4
Feb10th Battleford Kerrobert 3:00pm 1 to 9

Player Stats

# Last Name   First Name GP G A Pts PIM
1 Burgardt Tanner 17 0 2 2 4
2 Mitchell Mathew 17 21 19 40 16
5 Kissick Lexi 17 3 7 10 8
6 Semilet Jake 17 8 10 18 22
7 Clappison Troy 16 1 9 10 10
8 Murphy Taylor 16 42 26 68 20
9 Mitchell Christopher 17 34 8 42 18
11 Karnes Chase 16 2 3 5 2
12 McKinnon Dylan 14 15 14 29 24
14 Ostrowski Laine 16 4 5 9 10
16 Mitchell Daniel 17 18 16 34 10
20 Anderson Mason 17 13 18 31 12
55 Dommett Logan 17 15 15 30 18
77 Schreiber Levi 17 3 2 5 4
179 Goals For 22 Goals Against 1.3 G.A.A
17 Wins 0 Losses        

Latest News

 Pee Wees in First Place

Kerrobert Pee Wee Tigers are having a big year. Coached by Brad Murphy, assistants, Todd Murphy, Gary Anderson and Managed by Howard Mitchell they have yet to loose a game this year.

Led in scoring by defenceman Taylor Murphy and rock solid goaltending by first year Tanner Burgardt these Pee Wees are tearing up the Hwy. 14 League and redefining the game.

Come and watch the high flying Pee Wees in action!


KDL Bantams 2006-2007

Game Schedule

Date Team vs Team Time Results
November – February 2007
Sat, Nov. 11 Kindersley  @ Kerrobert 8:00 pm 3 – 3 
Thurs, Nov. 16 Unity  @ Kerrobert 7:15 pm 4 – 2 
Sat, Nov 25 Battleford 1  @ Kerrobert 5:00 pm 6 – 10 
Thurs, Nov. 30 Kerrobert @ Rosetown W 7:30 pm 6 – 4 
Sat, Dec. 2 Kerrobert @ Outlook/Lucky Lake 1 – 3 
Sat, Dec. 9 Kerrobert @ Battleford 1 5-7 
Fri, Dec. 15 Wilkie @ Kerrobert 8:00 pm  9-3 
Sat, Dec. 16 Kerrobert @ Leader 5:30 pm  
Fri, Dec 22 Rosetown W @ Kerrobert 8:00 pm 1 – 5 
Wed, Jan. 3 Kerrobert @ Wilkie 7:00 pm 4 – 3 
Sat, Jan. 6 Kerrobert Battleford 2 1:30 pm  
Thurs, Jan. 11 Kerrobert  @ Rosetown J 7:30 pm 3 – 7 
Jan 12, 13, 14 Kerrobert @ Kindersley Tournament? Tentative   
Thurs, Jan. 18 Rosetown J @ Kerrobert 7:15 pm   7 – 4 
Sat, Jan. 20 Leader @ Kerrobert 8:00 pm  1 – 7 
Fri, Jan. 26 Kerrobert Kindersley 7:15 pm   
Sat, Feb. 3 Outlook Kerrobert 8:00 pm  
Sun, Feb. 4 Kerrobert Unity 4:00 pm   


#20 Justin Fischer 12 15 9 24 22
#8 Taylor Murphy(AP) 7 8 8 16 8
#3 Adam Schraefel 12 4 10 14 26
#9 Connor Phillips 11 7 5 12 20
#16 Todd Chotowetz 11 3 5 8 8
#7 Andrew Morris 12 4 3 7 6
#11 Jaden Theissen 12 4 2 6 28
#6 Kyle Shynkaruk 12 3 3 6 10
#18 Mike Hjalte 9 3 3 6 20
#14 Blair MacDonald 12 2 4 6 2
#2 Travis Turnbull 12 2 3 5 8
#4 Mike Cholin 12 3 3 10
#17 Cody McQueen 12 2 2 4
#15 Chris Mitchell(AP) 5 1 1
#10 Chelsea Clappison 11 1 1 8
#12 Chad Riendeau 11 1 1 0
#5 Daniel Mitchell(AP) 3 0 2
#1 Dustin Waldner 12
[/ezcol_3quarter] [ezcol_1quarter_end]

Latest News

Kerrobert Bantams

Coach: Angus Phillips

Asst: Don Cholin

Manager: Warren Morris

Safety: Wes Thiessen

Minor hockey: Anita Turnbull

Task: Lori Clappison


Equipment: Warren/Don


Kerrobert Referees

December Referee Schedule

Dec.2 5:00 Novice vs. Biggar ( Atoms away)
lines-Dylan M

Dec.3 2:00 Initiation vs Kindersly 1 ( Pee wee game 5:30)
Ref-Travis T
lines-Mathew S

Dec.3 5:30 Pee Wee vs. Eatonia
lines-Travis T

Dec.6 6:00 Atom vs. Unity

Dec 10 2:00 Novice vs Wilkie

Dec.15 5:30 Atoms vs. Biggar

Dec.15 8:00 Bantom vs Wilkie

Dec 16 9:00 Initiation vs. Dodsland (Atoms @ Luseland 12:30)
Ref-Dylan M
lines-Darin S

Dec. 18 5:45 Novice vs Macklin 1
Ref-Dylan. M
lines-Mathew S

Dec. 22 5:00 Atom vs.Macklin
lines-Travis T

Dec.22 8:00 Banton vs Rosetown
Ref:Scott W

If you can’t make a game call me asap. Managers please call your scheduled refs close to game date to confirm.A list of refs follow has already been sent.

Kari Thomson

Referees 2006-2007

Cody Welker 834-2495
Quenton Murphy 834-5595
Jace Kissick 834-2901
Dylan Mackinnon 834-5434
Matt Stefaniuk 834-
Thomas Duhaime 834-5473
Darin Sperling 834-5147
James Semilet 834-2838
Jake Semilet 834-2838
Taylor Murphy 834-5595
Travis Turball 834-2805
Taylen Thomson 834-5186
Matt Mitchell 834-5497
Kyle Shynkaruk 834-2248
Ian Fischer 372-4620
Bob Prieston 372-4954
Dylan Witzaney 372-4627
Scott Witt 834-2810
Anthoney Meyer 834-5263
Darren 463-4218 (Kindersley)

Refs who expire Dec.31

Dylan Phillips 834-5128
Conner Phillips 834-5128

[/ezcol_3quarter] [ezcol_1quarter_end]

Latest News

Kari Thomson is scheduling and arranging for referees for scheduled league games. Team Managers will confirm their Referees one or two days before the game. Tournaments and Playoff games will be up to the team to schedule.

We must support our referees in this year of enhanced rule enforcement. This is a tough job and like all of us, they learn as they go.

Many thanks to all of our referees!


Kerrobert Executive

Kerrobert Minor Hockey 2006 – 2007

President                  Clem Schraefel

Vice President          Dean Simpson

Past President          Trevor Kissick

Treasurer                 Michael Mitchell

Secretary                 Howard Mitchell

Head Coach            Wes Thiessen

Equipment Manager  Gord Thomson

Registrar                  Trevor Kissick

Members                 Gary Anderson

                                Rayanne Mitchell

                                Tanya McKinnon

                                Don Cholin


Coach                      Angus Phillips

Manager                  Warren Morris

Pee Wee:

Coach                      Brad Murphy

Manager                   Howard Mitchell


Coach                       Dave Morrell

Manager                    Gerald Duhaime


Coach                        Dean Simpson

                                  Trevor Kissick

Manager                     Curt/Alison Knorr


Coach                         Brad Neumeier

Manager team 2          Cindy Kissick

Manager team 1           Jim Cholin

[/ezcol_3quarter] [ezcol_1quarter_end]

Latest News

If you would like to help the Minor Hockey Association in Kerrobert either by sitting on a committee, being involved in public relations or volunteering to help at any of our fund raising functions please contact a member of the executive.

Thank you for making hockey better for the kids!