2015 -2016

New members of the excective are:
President – Ryan Schell
Vice president – Dwight Layton
Past President – Greg Kraft
Registrar – Miranda Endicott
All other members remain
Thank you to outgoing members for your contributions to minor hockey!

All done for another year! Well played!
Congratulations to all the Minor Hockey teams on a very successful season!

Thank you to Kerrobert Minor Hockey for donating the 50/50 proceeds of the final game to the Midget group to help with travel expenses for the Final Round as they recognize the cost of sending these kids on long road trips and their contribution of adding these big home games to the rink schedule! The 50/50 was worth over $1500 thanks to a $1000.00 guarantee from Kerrobert Paint & Body and Mary Kloster, Royal LePage!

Thank you to the Executive of KMH for working the door and selling the 50/50 tickets for the final Midget Provincial game and giving the parents the ability to watch the game. Also thanks to Dan Cholin for operating the clock for the game. He is a pro!

Farewell to outgoing 2016 Midget veterans for a long illustrious career in Minor Hockey!
These kids have won multiple League and Provincial championships over the years and have lost very few games! Nice work!

Left to Right
Cole Kissick, Robbie Kohlman, Zack Ross, Tylo Anderson,
Tyler Neumeier, Ryder Kissick, Jaden Zunti, Derek Schraefel,
Wyatt Knorr, Mathew Duhaime, Dylan Turk


A BIG Thank You
to Everyone who donated towards the
2015 Kerrobert Minor Hockey Day:
Headquarters Hair Salon � Kraft�s Catering
Shortt Insurance � C�s Esthetics � Sieben�s Meats
Clarient � Beezee Embroidery � Jack and Sharon Whetter
Bick�s Drugs � Michelle Schwab � Shop Easy � Bahm�s Auto
Kerrobert Reddi Mart � Kerrobert Paint & Body
K & E Water Works � Kerrobert Bakery
Kerrobert Cardlock and Wash � Wild Goose Motel
Kerrobert Credit Union � Keloridan Grill
Rage Team � Charteris Reclamation Services
Kerrobert Sand & Gravel
Simon and Simon Picker and Hot Shot Services
NALCO Champion � Baker Hughes
Northern Blizzard � D & F Welding � Rojan�s
Town of Kerrobert (ice fees)
DeLuxe Archery and Kerrobert Hardware � Woosley
Source for Sports � Kindersley � High Voltage Electric

The Midgets split their weekend games bringing home a loss and a win. They hadn’t quite worked off the turkey supper when they went to Macklin on Sat. Jan 2. Tylo Anderson netted their only marker in the 4-1 loss, with Ryder Kissick and Derek Schraefel assisting. The penalty box was busy that night, giving Macklin three power play goals.
The players were inspecting the penalty box in Eatonia quite a bit on Sunday as well, but they managed to help Sam Walz with his shutout in the 4-0 win. Knorr, Greschner, Anderson, and Ryder Kissick all found the back of the net with help from Schraefel, McDonald, Kohlman, Adam Duhaime, and Neumeier. The Tigers are now at 6 wins, 1 loss and have played half of their regular season.

The peewee team had their last league game for 2015 against Biggar with an 8-1 win. Looking forward to the new year!!

Many Action Filled Weekends in the Barn!

We have had an exciting first half to the season. The ol barn has been a busy place this year. Lots of memories made, friendships forged and energy expended! What better way to occupy the long nights of a Saskatchewan winter. We are blessed to have this facility and the organizations who support it. Thank you to all the volunteers, the town and surrounding municipalities who help make this happen!

Fans have been privileged to watch some great minor, junior, senior, girls and AA hockey games this season. I am proud to witness respect from the stands for the officials, the opposing teams and enjoying the talent displayed on both sides. We are reminded that these teams are not enemies but friendly rivals, both out to enjoy this great sport.

See you at the rink in the new year and we will do it all again!

Tigers – Young and Old

Initiation and Pre Initiation join the Old Guard
for Oh Canada before Friday night game

Kerrobert is hosting the Bantam Zones Camp this year. There will be no available ice time available in Kerrobert from Friday, Feb 5 at 5pm through Sunday, Feb 7 at 9pm.
**Please note, at the end of the season it will be your responsibility to DESTORY any all copies of registration forms, spreadsheets or anything with your players personal information. If it is held onto, lost or stolen, we are in breach of privacy. If you do not have a shredder, Bobbi Hebron at the Town of Kerrobert will shred any documents brought to her at the office in the courthouse.
Kiley Richmond

Goalie Sessions – Rage/KMH Hockey School

Almost 100 kids attended this year’s Hockey School
Well done!


How are you affecting your kids?
Bruce Brown – The Role of Parents in Athletics
Why do some coaches and fans think it is OK to verbally abuse referees and how can we stop it?
Policy Manual, Registration,
Coaching App & Respect in Sport

What is Fair Play?
There are four main participant groups involved in minor hockey games: the players, the coaches, the officials, and the parents/spectators. How these four groups interact determines how positive, or how negative an event becomes. A Fair Play program in any hockey association promotes SAFETY and RESPECT and a positive environment for all participants.
Fair Play Principles
• Respect the Rules
• Respect the Opponents
• Respect the Officials and Their Decisions
• Have Everyone Participate
• Maintain Your Self-Control at all Times
There is no level of hockey below the house level. If kids aren’t allowed to play at this level they have to drop out. The objective for all of Minor Hockey is skill development for all participants, not winning at any cost or to groom kids for elite hockey! All Minor Hockey Associations must constantly ask themselves “are all participants being treated fairly?”
The Kerrobert Memorial Arena was featured on TSN for
Remembrance Day because of it’s WW2 history
TSN Kerrobert Arena Tribute:
Concussion : Return To Play Policy
Be Concussion Smart – Phone Apps!

Why I Quit Hockey: A letter to his parents

A perspective from a hockey dad, a referee and his 3 sons…
For the Sake of the Game!

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Game Scores

Game Scores:


Kerrobert Initiation 2015-2016


Game Schedule

Date Away Team vs Home Team Time Result
11/27/2015 Dodsland @ Kerrobert 5:00 pm
12/19/2015 Unity @ Kerrobert 10:00 am
01/03/2016 Kindersley @ Kerrobert 12:45 pm
12/12/2016 Luesland @ Kerrobert 11:15 am


# Last Name First Name
2 Phillips Jacob
3 Kwasney Jaxon
4 Charteris Jordan
5 Flahr Heatley
6 Zerr Emerson
7 Radtke Kaleb
8 Phillips Cohen
9 Mackinnon Quaid
10 Seversen Ryker
11 Neumeier Graydon
12 Neumeier Taylor
14 Halter Dawson
15 Sauverwald Tyler
16 Thunderblanket John
18 Campbell Harper
19 Shepherd Brooklyn
20 Zerr Austyn
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Latest News

Initiation News

Our home tournament is scheduled for January 9th!! We hit the road for an away tournament in unity on January 30th!! Here’s to a great season!!!


Kerrobert Novice 2015-2016


Game Schedule

Date Away Team vs Home Team Time Result
10/24/2015 Tigers @ Unity Gilbert 11:00am 2 – 15
11/07/2015 Tigers @ Unity Sperly 8:30am 14 – 5
11/07/2015 Tigers @ Unity Grant 1:00pm 10 – 9
11/08/2015 Tigers @ Wilkie 12:00pm 10 – 5
11/14/2015 Tigers @ Biggar 11:15am 14 – 10
11/15/2015 Wilkie @ Tigers 3:45pm 7 – 7
11/21/2015 Luseland @ Tigers 9:45am 0 – 13
11/29/2015 Tigers @ Cutknife 10:00am 12 – 13
12/06/2015 Cutknife @ Tigers 10:45am 19 – 9
12/08/2015 Tigers @ Macklin Blue 5:00pm 2 – 20
12/19/2015 Biggar @ Tigers 11:45am 7 – 15
12/20/2015 Unity Gilbert @ Tigers 10:00am 4 – 5
01/03/2016 Unity Grant @ Tigers 2:30pm 9 – 1
01/10/2016 Macklin Blue @ Tigers 11:15am 15 – 2
01/17/2016 Unity Sperly @ Tigers 12:15pm 4 – 8
01/30/2016 Tigers @ Luseland 10:30am 18 – 8
01/31/2016 Macklin white @ Tigers 12:30pm 11 – 3
02/06/2016 Tigers @ Macklin (white) 10:15am 4 – 15
02/11/2016 Rosetown Redwings @ Kerrobert Tigers 5:45pm 1 – 11
02/12/2016 Kerrobert Tigers @ Rosetown Redwings 5:45pm 16 – 3
02/27/2016 Wilkie outlaws @ Kerrobert Tigers 10:00am 6 – 5
03/03/2016 Kerrobert Tigers @ Wilkie Outlaws 6:00pm 9 – 5
03/15/2016 Cutknife Colts @ Kerrobert Tigers 5:00pm
03/16/2016 Kerrobert Tigers @ Cutknife Colts 6:00pm


# Last Name First Name
2 Johnson Bronc
3 Richmond Ryland
4 Cholin Kayden
5 Layton Auston
6 Thunderblanket Steven
7 Kraft Carson
8 Pacholek Kayden
9 Mackinnon Hennessy
10 Kraft Brooklyn
12 Parfitt Brody
14 Fillion Aiden
15 Nunweiler Grayson
16 Volk Avery
18 Campbell Jagger
19 Endicott Daxton
20 Kissick Celeste
21 Eagles Rex
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Latest News


Kerrobert Atom Tigers 2015-2016

Game Schedule

Date Away Team vs Home Team Time Result
11/01/2015 Kindersley #2 @ Kerrobert 6:45 pm 11 – 7
11/08/2015 Kerrobert @ Kindersley #1 5:45 PM 7 – 15
11/20/2015 Kerrobert @ Dodsland 6:00 PM 8 – 5
11/21/2015 Luseland @ Kerrobert 12:00 PM 2 – 9
11/28/2015 Kerrobert @ Eston 5:00 PM 7 – 12
12/04/2015 Eston @ Kerrobert 5:45 PM 5 – 7
12/05/2015 Home Tournament @ Kerrobert
12/12/2015 Tournament @ Edam
12/18/2015 Dodsland @ Kerrobert 5:30 PM 3 – 6
12/20/2015 Kerrobert @ Rosetown 12:30 PM 7 – 4
01/08/2016 Kindersley #1 @ Kerrobert 7:45 PM 3 – 3
01/15/2016 Kerrobert @ Kindersley #2 5:15 PM 5 – 6
01/17/2016 Kerrobert @ Eatonia 1:00 PM 13 – 1
01/23/2016 Kerrobert @ Luseland 1:00 PM 3 – 0
01/30/2016 Rosetown @ Kerrobert 2:30 PM 3 – 9
01/31/2016 Eatonia @ Kerrobert 2:45 PM 2 – 11
02/07/2016 Macklin White @ Kerrobert 4:00 PM 11 – 2
02/14/2016 Kerrobert @ Macklin White 3:30 2 – 12
02/25/2016 Eston @ Kerrobert 5:30 PM 12 – 3
02/28/2016 Kerrobert @ Eston 2:15 PM


# Last Name First Name
1 Plamondon Preston
2 Eagles Ty
4 Endicott Tristyn
5 Neumeier Evan
6 Seversen Drake
7 Schell Landon
8 Shepherd Austin
9 MacKinnon Drake
10 Cholin Quinton
11 Neumeier Brielle
12 Snider Kate
14 Halter Bree
15 Phillips Pacey
16 Richmond Lucas
17 Amola Kyran
18 Parnitsky Andrew
19 Murphy Colin
20 Borschneck Tyson
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Latest News

Coach – Ryan Shell
Ass’t Coaches – Duane Murphy & Jerry Shepherd
Manager – Kiley Richmond (306.834.8610)


Pee Wee 2015-2016

Game Schedule

Date Away Team vs Home Team Time Result
11/01/2015 Kerrobert/Luseland @ Kindersley (Exhibition) 2:30 pm 12 – 1
11/08/2015 Kerrobert/Luseland @ North Battleford #4 (Don Ross Centre) 12:00 pm 10 – 1
11/14/2015 Kerrobert/Luseland @ Dalmeny Tournament
11/21/2015 North Battleford #2 @ Kerrobert/Luseland in Kerrobert 2:15 pm 1 – 11
11/28/2015 Home Tournament @ Kerrobert/Luseland in Kerrobert 9:00/12:00/5:00
12/05/2015 North Battleford #4 @ Kerrobert/Luseland in Luseland 3:30 2 – 15
12/06/2015 Kerrobert/Luseland @ Macklin 12:15 pm 3 – 4
12/11/2015 Kerrobert/Luseland @ Warman Tournament
12/19/2015 Biggar @ Kerrobert/Luseland in Kerrobert 2:00 pm 1 – 8
01/02/2016 Kerrobert/Luseland @ Kindersley- Prov.Team Mini Tourn. 11:30 & 3:00
01/03/2016 Kerrobert/Luseland @ Unity White 11:45 am 17 – 0
01/08/2016 Kerrobert/Luseland @ Kindersley Tournament Friday- 3:15 pm
01/16/2016 Kerrobert/Luseland @ Rosetown (Exhibition) 4:00 pm 6 – 6
01/17/2016 Unity Red @ Kerrobert/Luseland in Kerrobert 2:30 pm 3 – 15
01/23/2016 Goodsoil @ Kerrobert/Luseland in Luseland (Provincial Game) 3:30pm 2 – 11
01/24/2016 Kerrobert/Luseland (Provincial Game) @ Goodsoil 2:00 pm 8 – 1
01/27/2016 Macklin @ Kerrobert/Luseland in Luseland 5:30 pm 1 – 3
01/30/2016 Kerrobert/Luseland @ North Battleford #2 (Civic Center) 2:00 pm 10 – 1
02/02/2016 Kerrobert/Luseland @ Unity Red @ Cutknife 7:30 pm 13 – 1
02/05/2016 Kerrobert/Luseland (Provincial Game) @ Dodsland/Eston in Dodsland (Provincial Game) 7:30 pm 7 – 1
02/08/2016 Dodsland/Eston (Provincial Game) @ Kerrobert/Luseland in Kerrobert (Provincial Game) 5:45 pm 2 – 4
02/10/2016 Unity White @ Kerrobert/Luseland in Luseland 5:45 pm 3 – 15
02/13/2016 Kerrobert/Luseland @ Biggar 3:15pm 14 – 1
02/21/2016 Macklin @ Kerrobert/Luseland in Luseland (Provincial Game) 6:45 pm 6 – 1
02/26/2016 Dinsmore @ Kerrobert/Luseland in Kerrobert League Playoff Game) 5:30 pm
02/28/2016 Kerrobert/Luseland (Provincial Game) @ Macklin 12:15 pm
03/01/2016 Kerrobert/Luseland (League Playoff Game) @ Dinsmore 6:45 pm


# Last Name First Name
2 Neumeier Matthew
3 Patton Cole
4 Parnitsky Alex
5 Seversen Rowen
6 Dewald Joel
7 Snider Clark
8 Morrell Ethan
10 Walz Ben
11 Bazylinski Wyatt
12 Cholin Emery
14 Neumeier Michael
18 Zunti Quinn
19 Walford Jonah
33 Kohlman Avery
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Latest News

Coach: Duane Bazylinski
Asst. Coach: Brad Neumeier
Asst. Coach: Dewight Walz
Manager: Maureen Walz

The Kerrobert/Luseland Peewees got off to a great start with a 12-1 win over Kindersley 2. They are looking forward to a new and fun season!
The Peewees pulled off a big win against the North Battleford 4 team on Sunday, with a score of 10-1!

The K/L Peewees had their 1st tournament of the year in Dalmeny on Nov. 14. They came out on top of their pool with 2 straight wins over Biggar and the Saskatoon Wild Outlaws. From there, they went on to the A Finals where it was a battle to the end with Warman scoring in the last minute and a half to win at 3-2. Great effort, boys!

Our second league game was a battle in a different way. It was a rough game with many penalties given out to the opponents, but our boys can hold their heads high knowing they don’t have to follow suit. They kept playing the way hockey is meant to be played, and came out on top with a big score of 11-1!

The peewees had a very successful home tournament . They won all their games with scores of 11-0, 4-0, and 12-4. The skills competition was also a lot of fun for both players and spectators! Thanks to all those who came to watch and/or who helped out!!

Our third league game was played against North Battleford #4, with a big score of 15-2. Keep it going, Boys!

Hard fought game against Macklin, with a close score throughout the game. Unfortunately, it was the opponents who scored in the last couple minutes of the game to win by one goal.

Great weekend at the Warman tournament with a lot of fun and both some wins and some losses to finish the peewee team with second in the B Final.

The peewee team had their last league game for 2015 against Biggar with an 8-1 win. Looking forward to the new year!!

The new year started off with a mini tournament in Kindersley, where our boys played both North Battleford and Unity provincial teams. The boys got off with a slow start and lost to the NB team, but picked it up in the afternoon with an easy win against Unity.

The league games continued on Jan. 3 with a big win over the Unity White team 17-0.

Our second weekend saw us in Kindersley, once again, for a three day tournament. Our first game was against the Saskatoon Renegade Rangers, which we won 9-2. Then, on Saturday, we played Kindersley #1 with a 13-1 win, and Regina with an 8-2 win. Sunday took us into the finals against Saskatoon Wild Panthers where we came off with a shut out for our goalie, Avery Kohlman, at 8-0! So it was a highly successful weekend of being undefeated! Great job boys!

Our exhibition game against Rosetown the following weekend saw us with 2 of our key players missing. The boys started off slow and were down 2-5 at one point in the game.However, they pulled things together in the third period and finished with a respectable tie at 6-6.

The Peewee team continues to have a great season, so far! They have pulled off a few more wins in league games, with the Macklin game being an exciting, close game. They won the first round of provincials against Goodsoil and are now approaching their second round which will be against Dodsland/Eston.Good luck, boys!!!

The peewees finished off at the top of the North League and will now start their league playoffs by crossing over to the South league, where they will play Dinsmore in the first round.

The second round of provincials against Dodsland/Eston ended in our favour with two straight wins. We now come up against Macklin for the third round, which should prove to be some exciting hockey! Come on out and cheer on our boys!!


Bantam 2015-2016

Game Schedule

Date Away Team vs Home Team Time Result
10/31/2015 KDL @ Kindersley 2 1:30 1 – 6
11/07/2015 KDL @ Kindersley 1 4:00 5 – 6
11/14/2015 KDL @ Unity Black 10:30 2 – 10
11/15/2015 KDL @ NB 2 @Don Ross 2:45 6 – 6
11/21/2015 Macklin @ KDL 4:30 5 – 4
11/27/2015 NB 2 @ KDL 7:00 1 – 8
12/06/2015 KDL @ Macklin 3:30 1 – 5
12/11/2015 Unity black @ KDL 5:00 8 – 0
12/12/2015 KDL @ Unity White 2:30 0 – 4
12/13/2015 Kindersley @ KDL @ Dodsland 4:30 6 – 5
12/18/2015 KDL @ Dinsmore 6:00 8 – 8
12/19/2015 Unity White @ KDL 4:30 12 – 0
01/03/2016 KDL @ NB 1 @ Don Ross 2:45 6 – 2
01/09/2016 KDL @ Leader @ Eatonia 3:00 6 – 9
01/10/2016 Rosetown @ KDL 7:00 2 – 7
01/17/2016 Leader @ KDL 5:00 7 – 4
01/23/2016 KDL @ Rosetown@ Biggar 5;00 4 – 2
01/30/2016 Dinsmore @ KDL 5:00 4 – 7
01/31/2016 NB1 @ KDL 5;00 5 – 7


# Last Name First Name
1 Halter Carter
2 Burton Ben
3 Borschneck Rylan
4 Charteris Carson
7 Murphy Kordell
9 Neumeier Carter
10 Walz Jaxon
12 Duhaime Robert
15 Saurverwald Josh
16 Dipple Riley
17 Gleave Austin
19 Amola Caiden
20 Murphy Chayse
33 Beswitherick Cody
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Latest News


KDL Midget 2015-2016

Game Schedule

Date Away Team vs Home Team Time Result
11/20/2015 Macklin @ KDL 7:00pm 4 – 9
11/22/2015 KDL @ Dinsmore 6:30 pm 7 – 0
11/29/2015 KDL @ Biggar 2:30 pm 15 – 1
12/05/2015 KDL @ Eston 8:30pm 8 – 2
12/11/2015 Eston @ KDL 7:30pm 0 – 11
01/02/2016 KDL @ Macklin 5:00pm 1 – 4
01/03/2016 KDL @ Eatonia 3:00pm 4 – 0
01/10/2016 KDL @ Kindersley 6:15pm 4 – 0
01/16/2016 Rosetown(Grey) @ KDL-Dodsland 6:00pm 2 – 15
01/17/2016 KDL @ Rosetown(Grey) 5:30pm 23 – 1
01/22/2016 Leader – SHA @ KDL 5:00pm 3 – 2
01/23/2016 Eatonia/Leader @ KDL-Luseland 7:30pm 4 – 8
01/28/2016 KDL- SHA @ Eatonia/Leader 8:00pm 7 – 1
01/30/2016 Dinsmore @ KDL 7:30pm 3 – 4
02/09/2016 Kindersley @ KDL 7:15pm 0 – 5
02/12/2016 Rosetown(White) @ KDL 5:30pm 1 – 13
02/24/2016 Kindersley @ KDL 8:15pm 3 – 9
02/26/2016 KDL @ Edam (SHA) 8 pm 11 – 2
02/28/2016 Edam (SHA) @ KDL 6:00pm 3 – 10
02/29/2016 KDL @ Kindersley 8:15pm 4 – 1
03/03/2016 Macklin @ KDL 7:30pm 5 – 4
03/06/2016 KDL – SHA @ Porcupine Plain 3:00pm 8 – 3
03/10/2016 KDL @ Macklin 7:30pm 1 – 7
03/12/2016 Porcupine Plain @ KDL – SHA 5:00pm 2 – 6
03/18/2016 KDL – SHA @ Carnduff 7:00pm 2 – 1
03/20/2016 Carnduff @ KDL – SHA 3:00pm 2 – 6


# Last Name First Name
1 Turk Kyle
2 Anderson Tylo
3 Kissick Cole
4 Osterhold Ethan
5 McDonald Jon
6 Kissick Ryder
7 Kohlman Robbie
9 Duhaime Adam
10 Knorr Wyatt
11 Jaydon Woodward
12 Roblin Matthew
14 Ross Zack
15 Greschner TJ
16 Zunti Jaden
17 Duhaime Mathew
18 Turk Dylan
19 Reiber Koby
20 Schraefel Derek
21 Johnson Damon
22 Neumeier Tyler
33 Walz Sam

Latest News

KDL Midget News

Coach – Garry Anderson
Asst. Coach – Brad McDonald
Manager – Chandra Schraefel 834-7783

Congratulations to the 2016 Midget D Provincial champions!! KDL took the title with a convincing win over the Carnduff Red Devils. Farewell to veterans Cole Kissick, Dylan Turk, Derek Schraefel, Zach Ross, Tyler Neumeier, Ryder Kissick, Tylo Anderson, Wyatt Knorr, Jaden Zunti, Mathew Duhaime, and Robbie Kohlman – it`s been a good run!

The Macklin Mohawks proved too much for the KDL Midgets in the best of three series for the league championship. Their big and capable goalie stopped all but one of the many KDL scoring attempts in front of a huge crowd in Macklin for the second game on March 10, allowing the Mohawks to finally take the league trophy with a 7-1 victory.

KDL won the northern semi-final two-game, total-point series against Porcupine Plain 14 to 5. Sam Walz stood tall in net for both games, and almost all the players got their number on the game sheet, either with points or in the numerous visits to the sin bin! The team advances to the Provincial D final against Carnduff.

Kindersley tried but couldn`t overcome the scoring power of the KDL Midgets in game two of the best of three series in Kindersley on Feb. 29. KDL advances to the league final versus Macklin with the 4-1 win over Kindersley.

Friday, Feb. 26 saw the Midgets on a bus to Edam to take on the 3 Stars in Game One of the provincial D quarter-finals. The boys must have had a good bus ride, as they came out on the ice flying, took Edam by surprise with two quick goals, and never looked back. 11-3 was the final score in that game, with Osterhold, Schraefel, Kohlman, Adam Duhaime, and Knorr all netting markers and Ryder Kissick, Roblin, and Neumeier doubling up. Assists went to Zunti, Ryder Kissick, Mathew Duhaime, McDonald, Kohlman, Reiber, and Anderson had four. Two nights later Edam arrived for more punishment by the Tigers. This time the score was 10 to 3 for the home team, with goals by Schraefel, Kohlman, Ryder Kissick, Cole Kissick, Neumeier, Roblin, McDonald, and Woodward. Helpers came from Ross, Roblin, Neumeier, Greschner, Ryder Kissick, Cole Kissick, Mathew Duhaime, Kohlman, Reiber, Woodward, and Johnson. The Midgets advance to the semi-finals against Porcupine Plain.

League playoffs started off well for KDL. A 9-3 win over Kindersley in the Kerrobert arena had the crowd buzzing. Cole Kissick, Ryder Kissick, and Robbie Kohlman each found the back of the net twice, and Wyatt Knorr, Matthew Roblin, and Tylo Anderson contributed markers. Assists went to Roblin, the two Kissicks, Mathew Duhaime, Kohlman, Knorr, Anderson, Neumeier, and Ross. Shout out to Cole Kissick who had a six-point game! Fewer trips to the sin bin definitely made a difference in KDL`s play! KDL returns to Kindersley for game two of the best of three series on Feb. 29, after two provincial games, one in Edam on Feb. 26 and one in Kerrobert on Feb. 28.

This past week was a scorefest for the KDL Midgets, with big league game wins over Kindersley on Feb.9 and Rosetown White on Feb.12. KDL has finished first in the league, followed by Macklin, Eatonia/Leader, and Kindersley. League playoffs will begin now – stay tuned for dates and times!!

KDL redeemed themselves in Game 2 of the first provincial round when they schooled Eatonia/Leader with a 7-1 win in Eatonia on Jan. Zack Ross opened the scoring with help from Roblin and Johnson. Cole Kissick and Robbie Kohlman found the net twice and Ryder Kissick and Tylo Anderson each had markers. Ross, Roblin, Anderson, Neumeier, Kohlman and Ryder Kissick all got on the scoresheet with helpers. KDL advances to the second round vs. Edam, who will be in Kerrobert on Feb. 28 at 6 pm for game two of that series.

Ryder Kissick led the way with a hat trick in a 4-3 league game win over Dinsmore at home on Jan. 30. Wyatt Knorr got the other goal, and helpers came from Anderson, Schraefel, Neumeier, Osterhold, and Adam Duhaime. Only five trips to the sin bin this game!!

A couple of big wins over Rosetown- Gray had the Midgets sporting big heads and sloppy skills when Eatonia/Leader came calling for the first SHA playoff game Jan. 22. They were hungry and had our boys back on their heels with three unanswered goals in the first period. KDL recovered themselves enough to score two unanswered goals which has them heading to Eatonia on Jan. 28 with a one goal deficit in the two-game total point series. The Tigers pulled up their socks for a league game on Sat, Jan.23 in a rather full Luseland arena, sending Eatonia/Leader home in the fog after a 8 – 4 rousting. Cole Kissick and Tylo Anderson each netted two goals, and Ryder Kissick, Roblin, Zunti, and Neumeier also found the net. McDonald, Ross, Roblin, Reiber, Adam Duhaime upped their points with assists. Let’s hope they keep the momentum going!

The Midgets split their weekend games bringing home a loss and a win. They hadn’t quite worked off the turkey supper when they went to Macklin on Sat. Jan 2. Tylo Anderson netted their only marker in the 4-1 loss, with Ryder Kissick and Derek Schraefel assisting. The penalty box was busy that night, giving Macklin three power play goals.
The players were inspecting the penalty box in Eatonia quite a bit on Sunday as well, but they managed to help Sam Walz with his shutout in the 4-0 win. Knorr, Greschner, Anderson, and Ryder Kissick all found the back of the net with help from Schraefel, McDonald, Kohlman, Adam Duhaime, and Neumeier. The Tigers are now at 6 wins, 1 loss and have played half of their regular season games.

Provincial playoffs begin Jan. 20 – stay tuned for game dates!!

KDL continues to light it up in the league with some high-scoring games. Rosetown White went down hard in Biggar on Nov.29. Nearly every player upped their points in the 15-1 win. Dec.5 was a road trip to Eston where Cole Kissick snagged 5 of the 8 goals in the 8-2 win. Eston returned to Kerrobert on Dec. 11 and were hit even harder, going down 11-0. The box scores, stats and more are available at the HiWay 14 league site, www.hi-way14hockeyleague.ca.

KDL was apparently still pretty hungry when they traveled to Dinsmore on Sunday, Nov. 22, to take on their young Midget players. Robbie Kohlman and Tyler Neumeier both had two markers, and Jaydon Woodward, Tylo Anderson, and Zack Ross rounded out the scoring with one each. Wyatt Knorr, Ryder Kissick, Cole Kissick, Mathew Duhaime, Ross and Anderson all made the game sheet with helpers. Sam Walz got the shut-out. Great passing and unending effort proved successful yet again!

Macklin came to town for the Midget season opener on Nov. 20. It seemed like a pretty even game, with back and forth goals, until the third period when KDL carried it away with five unanswered goals. Tylo Anderson was on fire, with five goals including the unassisted game winning goal. Ryder Kissick assisted his other four plus one for Tyler Neumeier. TJ Greschner, Zack Ross, and Adam Duhaime rounded out the scoring, with Jon McDonald, Wyatt Knorr, and Cole Kissick helping out. The whole team was fired up for the game, and seemed to enjoy being back on the ice and serving Macklin their first loss of the season in front of a large crowd. First-year Kyle Turk performed the net-minding duties. Our next home game is Friday, Dec. 11 when Eston comes to town.



Kerrobert Executive

Kerrobert Minor Hockey Executive

President – Greg Kraft

Vice President – Ryan Schell
moc.m1656759374aerts1656759374dimsn1656759374ialp@1656759374llehc1656759374S.nay1656759374R1656759374 834-7026

Secretary – Rachael Schlosser

Treasurer – Annie Cholin

Registrar – Kiley Richmond

Referee in Chief – Jim Cholin
moc.t1656759374enrol1656759374px@ni1656759374lohct1656759374j1656759374 834-8394

Head Coach – Larry Severson

Equipment manager – Duane Murphy

Members and Team Managers


Rep – Larry Severson
Manager – Jolyne Leinenweber 306-834-7669


Rep – Tara MacKinnon 306-834-7088
Manager – Rachael Johnson – 306-834-7186


Rep – Jim Cholin 306-834-8394
Manager – Maureen Walz


Rep – Gerald Duhaime
Manager – Gerald Duhaime


Rep – Ryan Schell – 306-834-7026
Manager – Chandra Schraefel 306-834-7783

Thank you to Gord Thompson who been the Equipment Manager for a lot of years!

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Kerrobert Referees


Date VS Time Referee Linesman Linesman
16-Nov Kindersley 8:00 Kevin Baliski James Semilet Dawson Morrell
21-Dec Eston 5:30 Jamie Kleppe Darrin Sperling James Semilet
2-Jan Rosetown 7:15 Greg Wells Linden Wells Dawson Morrell
6-Jan Dinsmore 2:30 Greg Wells Linden Wells Thomas Duhaime
12-Jan Battleford 5:00 Linden Wells Jake Semilet James Semilet

Pee Wee
Date VS Time Referee Linesman Linesman
16-Nov Kindersley 5:30 Darrin Sperling James Semilet Jake Semilet
5-Jan Unity 2:45 Dawson Morrell James Semilet Jake Semilet
6-Jan Rosetown 12:00 Linden Wells Thomas Duhaime� Dawson Morrell
12-Jan Battleford 2:45 Darrin Sperling James Semilet Jake Semilet
2-Feb Wilkie 2:45 Cancelled Benjamin Cholin Matthew Duhaime
27-Jan Watrous 4:00 SHA will appoint Darrin Sperling

Pee Wee Girls
Date VS Time Referee Linesman Linesman
17-Nov Irma 2:45 Thomas Duhaime Benjamin Cholin Matthew Duhaime
1-Dec Lloyd 2:45 Dawson Morrell Benjamin Cholin Matthew Duhaime
2-Dec Lloyd 1:00 Tanner Schreiber Benjamin Cholin Matthew Duhaime
3-Feb Lloyd 4:30 Darrin Sperling Dawson Morrell Jake Semilet

Date VS Time Referee Linesman Linesman
17-Nov Macklin 12:30 Benjamin Cholin Adam Duhaime Avery Cholin
5-Jan Biggar 12:30 Thomas Duhaime Tylar Clappison Casey Fruhstuk
13-Jan North Battleford 11:00 James Semilet Dawson Morrell
18-Jan Wilkie 5:30 Adam Duhaime Casey Fruhstuk Tylar  Clappison
21-Jan Unity 6:30 Benjamin Cholin Matthew Duhaime
1-Feb Unity 6:30 Matthew Duhaime Tylar Clappison Jaira Kissick
2-Feb Macklin 12:30 Matthew Duhaime Benjamin Cholin

Date VS Time Referee Linesman Linesman
3-Nov Leader 12:00 Benjamin Cholin Robert Duhaime Kordell Murphy
4-Nov Unity 9:00 Dawson Morrell Joshua Sauverwald Cody Beswitherick
17-Nov Kindersley 0:00 Matthew Duhaime Casey Fruhstuk Tylar Clappison
18-Nov Eston 11:45 Jake Semilet Kordell Murphy Robert Duhaime
8-Dec Rosetown 12:00 Cancelled Thomas Duhaime Tanner Schreiber
12-Jan Rosetown 10:45 Adam Duhaime Cody Beswitherick Avery Cholin
13-Jan Dodsland 9:00 Two man system Avery Cholin Adam Duhaime
25-Jan Rosetown 6:00 Avery Cholin Casey Fruhstuk Tylar Clappison
9-Feb Kindersley 1 12:00 Adam Duhaime Joshua Sauverwald Jaira Kissick

Date VS Time Referee Linesman Linesman
17-Nov Dodsland 9:00 Kordell Murphy Robert Duhaime
5-Jan Macklin 10:00 Jaira Kissick Kordell Murphy
20-Jan Macklin 10:00 Joshua Sauverwald Cody Beswitherick
2-Feb Biggar 10:30 Kordell Murphy Robert Duhaime
16-Feb Luseland
24-Feb Macklin 11:00 Kordell Murphy Robert Duhaime
3-Mar Kindersley 11:00   Joshua Sauverwald Cody Beswitherick


Name Referee Linesman Phone Cell
Kordell Murphy Initiation Novice 834-5469
Robert Duhaime Initiation Novice 834-5473
Joshua Sauverwald Initiation Novice 834-5254
Cody Beswitherick Initiation Novice 834-5161
Jaira Kissick Novice Atom 834-2901
Avery Cholin Novice Atom 834-5053 834-8394
Casey Fruhstuk Novice Atom 834-5077
Tylar  Clappison Novice Atom 834-5136
Adam Duhaime Novice Atom 834-5473
Benjamin Cholin Atom Pee Wee 834-5053 834-7510
Matthew Duhaime Atom Pee Wee 834-5473
James Semilet Pee Wee Bantams 834-2838 834-8217
Dawson Morrell Pee Wee Bantams 834-5146
Darrin Sperling Pee Wee Bantams 834-5147 834-9061
Jake Semilet Pee Wee Bantams 834-2838 834-7517
Thomas Duhaime Pee Wee Bantams 834-5473
Ian Fischer All All 372-4620 834-7731
Kelly Smith All All 932-4803 932-7799
Scott Witt All All 834-2810 834-7888
Todd Graham All All 228-2492 228-9983
Mark Opseth All All
Trent Eurich All All 372-7733 372-4191
Spencer Martin All All 372-4800
Conrad Gartner All All 372-7836
Greg Wells All All 463-2213 463-7922
Linden Wells All All 463-2213
Blair MacDonald All All 932-2306
Bret Westman All All 932-2060
Gord Pepple All All 398-7452
Jordan Shanaham 843-3513 843-7966
Trent Cey 480-7316
Alex David 228-8475
Macklin Ref Co-ordinator Peter Sieben 403-741-2875
Luseland Ref-Co-ordinators Terry/Ray 306-372-4815
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Kerrobert Officials please be at games 45 min. before games.